Photographer captures strange UFO above Oshawa Canada

This is one of the strangest UFO photo’s I have seen in a while.

Ken Rice, a wildlife photographer from Oshawa, Canada, was out shooting photos of his local wildlife at a nearby marsh area when suddenly he spotted this bizarre UFO.

He explained “It came out of nowhere, this thing,

“I was walking back to my car and I just saw something pop out of nowhere, way up high, far away in the sky,

“I thought it was a big turkey vulture so I just took a picture of it anyway and then it kind of hovered, sat there for a minute and then it took off.

He returned home and took a closer look at the photos but says he has no idea what it could have been.

“A balloon wouldn’t go that fast and disappear No. 1, and it was too high. Nobody would be flying a kite there because it’s just railroad tracks and the road and there was nobody around there. I didn’t see anybody, and where did it go?

“It’s just really odd, I’ve never seen anything like that. I looked on the Internet to find weather balloons and that kind of thing and see what it might be but none of them looked anything like this,

“You hear people all the time with the UFO stuff but a UFO just stands for unidentified flying object, it doesn’t mean aliens, and to me, it’s an unidentified flying object. I don’t know what it is”.

Ken has shown the photo’s to friends and shared them on Facebook but he says no-one has been able to identify it.

What do you think it could be?

Some say it could be a half deflated sunflower balloon like this one

I will leave it up to you to decide.



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