If you’re looking to do some ghost hunting from your very own home then these live ghost webcams should help you out. These cams are currently live.

If you know of a ghost cam or have a ghost cam you would like added to this page then get it touch.

The Willard Library

The Willard’s Library ghost cams are possibly the most famous ghost cams of them all. They have been live for many years. Willard Library is in Evansville, Indiana

The Grey Lady is said to haunt the library with countless people seeing her.

The cams are situated at the Haunted Stairwell, Children’s section and the Research area.

Furman Theatre

The theater is part of the Furman University Theatre Arts in Greenville, South Carolina. The cam is pointed towards the stage of the 110-seat theater where you might catch the sight of a rehearsal, set construction or a performance.

You may also just happen to spot a ghost as the theater is known to be haunted.

Gettysburg Battlefield ‘BattleCam’

The Gettysburg battlefield in Pennsylvania is the site of one the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. A lot of ghosts sightings have been recorded there, along with numerous sounds and EVP’s

The cam is located on the Seminary Ridge where the first days of the battle begun.

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Ordsall Hall

Ordsall Hall is a large former manor house in Lancashire, England. They have three cameras set up. They are located in the Great Hall, the Great Chamber and the Star Chamber.

A white lady is known to haunt the building, especially around her portrait and also a spirit of a young woman as been seen on the stairs.

Llancaiach Fawer Manor

Llancaiach Fawer Manor is located in Caerphilly, Wales. It is a tourist attraction and is known to be haunted.

The manor also hosts ghost tours so the cams maybe switched off between 7 pm and 11pm on weekdays while the ghost tours are taking place.

Paris Catacombs

The Paris Catacombs are located beneath the streets of Paris. They are lined with bones of dead Parisians.  Its said to be one of the scariest places in the world.

The Leprechaun Watch

This webcam is in a hidden location in front of an oak tree in a field in Ireland.

The area is the border of the ‘fairy ring’ and the Coogan’s ancestral farm. There has apparently been leprechaun activity in the area.

DDavids Ghost Cams

18 webcams are set up and stream live 7 days a week, 365 days a year in this Victorian house that is over 100 years old. Evidence of ghosts, poltergeists and all things from the other side have been recorded. You can also listen to EVP’s, look at ghost photo’s and read about the history of the house on the site.

They quote ” A Real Haunted House Live on the Web. Warning: This is a real Haunted House, and there is a distinct possibility of seeing, or feeling things that may be very disturbing to you”