Who is Momo?

Have you heard of ‘Momo’ ?

Her appearance is damn right scary! She has two bulging eyes, pale skin, strange face and a very sinister smile. She gives me the creeps!

The image of her face is fast becoming infamous to WhatsApp users who are challenged to message an unknown phone number.

The Momo phenomenon first started out in South America but has quickly spread to the United States, France and Germany.

Apparently if you message Momo via WhatsApp and she replies, she then sends you disturbing images and tells you that she has personal information about you. It has even been reported that some people have committed suicide after being in contact with Momo.

It all began in a Facebook group where members were challenged to message an unknown number that was shared in the group, despite being warned it would be best not to.

Several members of the group said that they sent a message to Momo from their phone and she responded with violent and aggressive images, some were also replied to with threats and revealing personal information about them.

Its becoming such a big deal that even the authorities have had to send out warnings.

The Spanish police released a warning telling people “Do not add ‘Momo’ of you record a number in your diary, a strange face of a woman will appear, it’s the latest viral of WhatsApp in fashion among teenagers” .

There are three different phone numbers that are known to be linked with Momo

+81345102539 (Japan)

+5226681734379 (Columbia)

+573135292569 (Mexico)

But there is still some confusion as to who Momo is and where she actually comes from.

Questions have been asked over Reddit as to who she could be and the most voted response was

“Someone from a Spanish-speaking country took the picture, created a WhatsApp account and started the rumors to contact ‘Momo.’ From that account he sends disturbing images and messages to whoever writes to him. hints that he has personal information about who contacted him. ”

The photo of Momo actually originates from Japan. The image is from a sculpture of a bird-woman that was exhibited in 2016 in an alternative art gallery in Ginza, Tokyo. It was part of an exhibition about ghosts and ghouls.

It seems the Momo photo was taken from an Instagram account and used as Momo’s Whatsapp image.

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So could this be a new modern day urban legend or is there something more sinister going on?

There are a number of YouTube videos showing people who have actually messaged Momo and received replies (mostly at 3AM).  I will share some here. You can decide whether you want to believe them or not.




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