The ghost of Stan Laurel is photographed by paranormal investigator

A paranormal investigator says he had a conversation with comedy legend Stan Laurel while he was investigating the derelict Kings Cinema in Bishop Auckland, UK, and took a picture to prove it.

Micky Vermooch described Stan’s voice as being gentle and he also claims that he smelled of Macassar oil which was a hair styling product in the Victorian times.

He said “Stan Laurel was walking alongside me, Stan said he was at peace and told me, “This is where I had my happy times. This is where I belong”

“He has shown himself to me because he wants the world to know he’s around.

“It also seems ironic as his daughter passed away recently in America and a tribute to her life was held.”

The Kings Cinema was closed in the 1960’s but the seating area and projection room still remain.

Micky also claims that he made contact with Elizabeth Taylor’s spirit in 2015.

What do you think of it, can you see Stan in the photo?


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