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Paul, owner of Paranormal Globe. I have always found the paranormal interesting and fascinating. I am sharing and writing about all things paranormal. Read more in the about page.

UFO’s may be from stealth civilisations living among us.

The true answer to the UFO mystery may be “cryptoterrestrial” – meaning that unidentifiable objects are members of an advanced species that is hiding on Earth – scientists have theorised. According to estimates made by two Harvard scientists in a new research paper, there could be hidden places on earth housing …

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Paranormal: The Village That Saw Aliens on BBC1

Sian Eleri is back again with a second series of Paranormal on BBC Three. This time she will dive into a new paranormal realm – UFOs. Sian Eleri is a radio presenter and DJ from Caernarfon, Wales. She is best known for presenting shows on BBC Radio 1 and Radio Cymru such as Radio 1’s Chillest Show and …

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God Vs Aliens – New UFO Documentry at Cannes Film Festival

Vatican knows the truth about UFO’S and their links to the paranormal. Award winning film-maker Mark Christopher Lee states that the publishing of a new guidance on apparitions by the Vatican is paving the way for full disclosure about the UFO phenomena. Lee adds: “The Vatican has been studying UFOs …

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Glowing UFO flies into an active volcano

AN eerie footage shows UFO flying into an active volcano that allegedly serves as an interdimensional portal to Earth. A bright shining object could be seen flying towards a Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico City. The mysterious flying light was caught on monitoring cameras as it approached the second-highest peak of Mexico. The …

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Uncanny podcast heads to America

Award-winning writer and broadcaster Danny Robins is to take Uncanny international, with tales of paranormal experiences drawn from across the USA. The series, which began on BBC Radio 4 in 2021 and has become one of the BBC’s most popular podcasts. It also made the leap to television on BBC …

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Ghost Adventures: House Calls returns for a new season

Good news if you are a Ghost Adventures fan. The spinoff show ‘Ghost Adventures: House Calls’ returns for a second season this April. Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley will once again be helping homeowners that are in a paranormal crisis. In each episode, Bagans closely examines …

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Expedition X Season 7

Good news if you are an Expedition X fan. Season 7 is due to be released on Discovery Channel and Discovery+ this week. Paranormal researcher Jessica Chobot and scientist Phil Torres along with Josh Gates, embark on a whole new wave of eerie and thrilling paranormal investigations into the worlds …

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