The ghost of the last man hanged in Cornwall has been caught on camera

A ghost has been caught on camera which is believed to be the apparition of William Hampton who was the last man to be hanged in the UK.

The apparition was filmed at Bodmin Jail in Cornwall, UK, by Tony Ferguson who says that he can ‘communicate with the other side’.

Tony was ghost hunting at the prison with his wife. He said that they captured a lot of paranormal activity including faint voices, electronic voice phenomena and orbs floating around rooms.

Tony said “We had scratches, banging, EVPs, strange noises, shadows, mists, strong orbs and best of all a ghost,

“Bodmin [Jail] have verified this, also have they have seen this ghost and were shocked at some of the captures.

 “Now that’s saying something as that is the most haunted jail in the UK and has had some of the craziest stuff happen.”


Tony shared his footage on his YouTube Channel and says the spookiest moment is when the lights went completely white before what appears to be the full figure of a ghost turns up in an empty corridor

William Hampton was convicted of murder at Bodmin court on June 24th 1909 for strangling his 16-year-old girlfriend Emily Tredea. He became the last person to be hanged in Cornwall.

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