Man Claims to Be Time Traveler Who Went to 2365 and Back

Hey Paranormal Globe readers, ApexTV here again! We were recently contacted via email by a man claiming to be a time traveler who visited the year 2365 and came back to tell about it.

After speaking with him on Skype, we at ApexTV took a flight to Russia to meet with the man in person to hear his story. While interviewing him, he asked to keep his identity private, because he said he was not supposed to reveal the secrets he was going to tell us.

The man was actually British, but had been hiding out in Russia in fear of his life, because he was instructed not to tell anyone what he had experienced. He says eh used to work for the British government and was offered to undertake a mission in which he would be sent to the year 2365 and back. He accepted it, because he claims he was paid €200,000 to complete it.

Here is the full video in which he outlines his story:

As you could hear in the video, the man said he met evolved humans, unconscious artificially intelligent robots, and even extraterrestrials from other planets. What do you think? Has this anonymous actually been to the year 2365?

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