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Expedition X Season 7

Good news if you are an Expedition X fan. Season 7 is due to be released on Discovery Channel and Discovery+ this week. Paranormal researcher Jessica Chobot and scientist Phil Torres along with Josh Gates, embark on a whole new wave of eerie and thrilling paranormal investigations into the worlds …

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10 Paranormal podcasts to send shivers down your spine

Whether you’re a seasoned paranormal enthusiast or a casual listener dipping your toes into the eerie unknown, these 10 paranormal podcasts offer a diverse range of perspectives on the supernatural. From ghostly encounters to UFO sightings and everything in between, these podcasts provide an immersive and spine-tingling journey into the …

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The Big Grey Man of Ben Macdhui

In the heart of the Scottish Highlands, where mist-laden mountains cast their imposing shadows, lies the enigmatic Ben Macdhui, the second-highest peak in the Cairngorms. Amidst its rugged beauty, it holds a chilling legend that is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, …the tale of the Big Grey Man! Deeply entrenched …

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Secrets of the Alaska Triangle

Nestled within the vast and untamed wilderness of Alaska lies a region of perplexing mysteries, where countless aircraft, ships, and people have vanished without a trace. Known as the Alaskan Triangle, this remote area has captured the imaginations of adventurers and conspiracy theorists alike. Enveloped in an eerie ambiance of …

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Famous cases of Spontaneous Human Combustion

When I was a child I remember reading a book on unexplained mysteries. There was a chapter on spontaneous human combustion and for some reason it etched in my mind. I was fascinated but it creeped me out. The phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion (SHC) has remained a mystery for …

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The Varginha UFO incident – Roswell of Brazil

The Varginha UFO incident is a mystery that continues to baffle investigators and enthusiasts alike. The story began 27 years ago on January 20 1996 when several residents of Varginha, Brazil, reported seeing a strange creature in the city. Witnesses described a being that stood 1.6 meters tall, with a …

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