Ghost baby seen sleeping next to toddler in his cot on monitor

A mother from the UK says that these images from her baby monitor shows a ghost baby lying next to her own sleeping baby son in his cot.

Laura Haigh said she and her partner Dean checked the monitor and were shocked to see what looked like a second child lying next to her son.

Dean said that he raced upstairs expecting to find his son was cuddling a teddy bear but was shocked to see the cot was empty of toys but the shape remained on the monitor.

He said the figure remained in the cot for four hours and even changed positions.

Laura said “[Dean] was a little bit gobsmacked that there was nothing there, but it was still appearing on the monitor,

“He was a bit spooked as he doesn’t believe in that kind of thing and just can’t explain it

“Friends think it’s really creepy”

Laura also explained that the experience hasn’t bothered her much as it didn’t seem to upset Sebastien.  She also says that she hears strange random noises throughout house, things disappearing and also pictures that have been turned upside down or fallen over without any explanation.

“We see orbs all the time and I have spotted on shadows in the background of photos in the past,” she said.



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