The ancient Augustinian Priory at Kells in Co. Kilkenny.

Paranormal investigator quits after horrowing experience at Kells Priory, Ireland

Back in July 2016 paranormal investigator Jay O Donoghue and his friends decided to investigate Kells Priory in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Piory Kells is a 12th Century monastery with a long and bloody history. It has been invaded three times and has also been burnt to the ground on three occasions which caused a lot of deaths.

Jay had investigated the priory before and captured a lot of evidence but this time it was the summer solstice and a full moon which is said to increase energy and paranormal activity.

Jay said “We had heard that it was going to be a full moon on the summer solstice, so we decided to test the theory that a full moon summer solstice would increase the energy around us, in doing so would the paranormal activity increase?.

The night started off with guys hearing and capturing disembodied voices. They checked around the premises as they initially thought it was someone walking around the priory and talking but there was no one else there.

Then suddenly something happened to Jay that frightened him so much that he stopped the investigation.

Jay said “What happened to me that night was the worst feeling I have ever experienced.

“Something happened to me. At one stage I heard a female voice in my head telling me I need to leave. This voice was so loud to me that I thought the other guys heard it too but they didn’t.

“On audio review that voice I heard was on the recorder. This spirit was trying to warn me of something terrible that was effecting me. The evidence on this video is as follows Audible Disembodied voice and Evp’s not just words but full sentences”

Jay added “We had investigate this site before and had captured lots of disembodied voices and evp’s, but this investigation was different. It was so terrifying that I stopped doing paranormal investigations as I was extremely effected by what happened on this our last investigation.

“I have done investigations at numerous haunted locations but this was the first that I was not myself. Something wasn’t right after this nights investigation that has changed the way I think about looking for answers to questions I had about ghosts.

“I have captured lots of good solid evidence of ghosts on video but this night on the July summer solstice investigation was by far the most terrifying I personally have experienced”.

“The video is 100%real, the evp’s, the photos and the poltergeist activity all caught on film is all real, and that’s why I haven’t done an investigation since.


*This post was submitted by Jay O Donoghue of Paranormal Contact:


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