Help offered to the Loche family who have been terrorised by ghosts in their home

The Loche family living in Grimsby, UK, have been offered the help they need after their pleads were heard to rid their house of unwanted guests.

Sara 37, and her daughter Yasmin 16, said they have been terrorised by apparitions and poltergeist activity in their home for over a year.

They said that they believe the main spirit is that of a woman who died in the house a few years ago before the moved in.

The paranormal activity apparently consists of clocks going backwards, DVD’s moving around shelves on their own accord and the vision of a small boy playing marbles in the corner of one of the rooms.

Also the lamp shakes every so often and a man in a bowler hat appears in Sara’s bedroom.

Sara also says that her sister who is alive, runs across all the photographs…….  ?? me neither!! 🙂

There is also an elderly woman who emerges from a mist and out of the bathroom even when the door is closed.

Her friend Mikah who lives with the family says she has been shoved off the toilet and been scratched while staying at their home.  “I know it sounds ludicrous, but I have woken up with scratch marks on my stomach. It is scary when the clocks go back.

All the visions and activity occur in the early hours.

Tracy Wood, who runs a ghost hunting group has offered free help.

She said: “We are a rescue group who deal with this activity and do take it seriously.”

Investigators with Leeds-based Paranormal Ghost Detectives have also offered help.

William Bronson said: “We travel the UK to help people experiencing this type of activity. We do not charge or ask for anything in return to carry out our investigations.

“We would be more than delighted to offer some assistance to this family.”

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