Mummified alien found in Peru

What could be a mummified alien as been found in Peru.

The mummy has three fingers on each hand, three finger like toes on each foot and an elongated skull with very small ears and nose.

It was covered in a white powder which is suggested was used to dry the skin, however underneath the powder is rumoured to be gray looking skin

Experts have carbon dated the mummy and the results returned say it is dated from a period between 245 AD to 410 AD.

DNA tests were also done and it was discovered that it is a female body however it’s not certain whether it is human.

Dr. Michael Aseev, Director of the Department of Genetic Analysis at the Russian Academy of Sciences, said it was determined it is a woman because of the lack of the Y chromosome in the DNA sample. They decided to call the mummy “Mary . ” 

A strange plant scent was also reported when a sample was removed. It was concluded that it originated from the mummification process.

Radiologist MK Jessie of the University of Colorado Hospital in the United States, who performed a musculoskeletal analysis, said that from what he saw on the CT scans, finger and skull anomalies did not appear to have been artificially caused.

They also say that the Skull has had no alterations and apparently other bodies were found in the same area but there is no information on those ones. filmed this special report on the mummy alien called ‘Unearthing Nazca.

What to you make of it?  is this proof of ancient aliens or is it a hoax?


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