Fleet of UFO’s filmed during a Blood Moon

A dutch UFO hunter, out hunting UFO’s during the blood moon (or Hunters Moon as its also known as) believes he has filmed several UFO’s flying below the moon.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube by user U-Bique. It was filmed in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

You can see in the video that the UFO’s seem to be flying at a pretty fast speed. They seem to form a V-shape before vanishing, which I suspect could be behind clouds. They reappear again and disappear a number of times.

The guy behind the camera is hear saying “Another one, can you see that?”

“I’ve got a swarm of UFOs”.

“Apparently I can see more with my camera than I can with my own eyes.”

A hunters moon is the first moon in October which usually looks larger than normal as it passes closer to the earth and also gives off a red colour which is why it is given the name Blood Moon.  It’s traditionally known to be good for hunting.

What do you think?  Could they be birds? drones or genuine UFO’s?


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