UFO lights may be trying to communicate from the skies above Charlotte, North Carolina

Could these strange UFO lights be an attempt at communication? According to one YouTube commenter on this video it could well be.

The video was shot and uploaded to YouTube by user C Hulbert. It shows strange lights flickering in the sky above La Meridian Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina

Commenting on their own video C Hulbert said: “The lights seemed random and each were autonomous until if forms a triangle around the 5 to 6 min mark. They were also a lot lower before I started filming. Estimated 3/4 to a mile off the roof of the hotel”.

One comment even suggests it could be an attempt to communicate with us “The blinking sequence appears to be a code possibly in Binary. It’s a communication attempt.

“There are three luminosity for each light and two patterns with all the lights.

“I can’t tell where the repetition point is because you move around too much.

“The end is something like Low light fast for 3. Then medium for 2 bright for 10 Bright blinks are in a slower sequence”

Very strange! What do you think?


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