The ghost of the Fox Inn pub is captured on video

A team of ghost hunters known as GSI (Ghost Scene Investigators) have captured what they say is their best sighting yet,  a dark figure moving behind the bar area in the Fox Inn pub in Guisborough, UK.

Shane Corbett of GSI said “One of the rooms in particular, sinister things keep happening and guests have complained to the landlord”.

“We went to check it out”.

“Little did we know, we managed to capture probably the best piece of evidence we have ever had so far to date.”


Neil Cook a founder if GSI said  “I work at The Fox Inn at weekends, covering the doors as a door supervisor”.

The landlord made me aware of reports within the hotel and took me around to use my sixth sense.”

“The night was active as seen using a ghost adventures style Kinect camera and as we walked around the location the camera picked up on this dark shadow manifest within the main bar area”.

“I connected with spirit and asked for answers I was informed it was of a little girl who waited for her mum”.

He added: “Most of our work as investigators is debunked but with my connection with this spirit and the camera footage, this is that 1% we are always searching for.”

Is this something paranormal?

From looking at the video it doesn’t look like a person, maybe a cat?  It’s strange how it moves off to the left which shows it was standing in front of a fire alarm call point which makes it seem like it was a solid object.


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