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Have aliens carved their faces into cliffs on Mars?

NASA continues to release incredible images from the Mars curiosity Rover.

With every photo released, UFO and alien hunters seem to spot something strange on mars, from iguanas to bones of dinosaurs, most can be explained and put down to the way light is shining on rocks etc.

However, these new photos that NASA have released, something has been spotted that looks quite remarkable.

carved aliens

Take a closer look at this image and you can spot what clearly looks like two heads carved into cliffs. Very similar to statues and carvings you see in Egypt.

On the left side what looks like a head and face wearing some sort of crown can be seen, and on the right of the image is a carving that resembles a human body with a jackal-head just like the Egyptian god Anubis.

carved aliens3

Both carvings are at the same level in the cliff formation which makes it even more remarkable.

What do you thing?  Just tricks of light on rocks or cliffs, or were the Egyptians actually once Martians?


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