Detroit – One of Americas spookiest cities

In almost every corner of the world there are reports, stories and sightings of ghosts and mythical creatures which are said to spook or terrorize people.

One of those places is Detroit in the US. With its deep and unique history, it should come as no surprise that the Motor City is one of Americas spookiest cities and has its fair share of things that go bump in the night.


If you live in Detroit, and even if you don’t but your interested in what paranormal activity is happening in the city then I recommend checking out this short documentary called “The Spirits of Detroit” created by independent film maker Derek Quint.

Derek (a native of Detroit suburb, Allen Park), decided to unearth some of the local folklore.  His short, 12-minute documentary, “The Spirits of Detroit”, is now on YouTube and can be watched for free.

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“For a long time I had wanted to do a project centered around Detroit, and on the other hand I also wanted to do something along the lines of those paranormal documentaries that I enjoy watching on TV,” said Quint, “so I decided to do a short paranormal documentary about Detroit.

My aim was to make something fun, informative, and easy to watch, like an old episode of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’.  I grew up hearing and reading about Detroit ghosts and urban myths.  You can find all kinds of weird stories about this area.”

Quint found exploring those spooky tales and shooting his film an enjoyable experience, however the most rewarding part of his project was learning about Detroit’s rich history.

“Within the first few days of making this, it became pretty clear that this project was really all about research.  Once you begin understanding the geography and background of this city, its legends start to make more sense,” said Quint.

Check out the documentary.


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