Would you like to visit another world? Then the numbers 4-2-6-2-10-5-1 are the combination to take you there.

It is said that if you step inside an elevator and enter those floor numbers in that sequence you can enter another world.

The ritual originated from Korea. You will need to find a building with at least 10 floors as the 10th floor is where you will step out into another world.

If you enter the numbers in the correct order a woman will apparently enter on the 5th floor who you should never ever look at nor speak to.

As the elevator arrives at the 10th floor, the woman will ask “where are you going?” but again you should never ever answer her.

After you have been and explored the other world you can return by entering the same combination into the elevator floor buttons and when you step out on the ground floor you will be back into our world.

It’s also said that if you happen to faint or pass out in the other world you will find yourself waking up in your own home, but you should take a good look around as it may not be the same, and you might notice some differences to what you remember home looking like.

Want to give it a try?

Here are the full instructions:


You must be in a 10+ story building and in the elevator alone. If someone is in the elevator with you, it won’t work. Its recommended that you perform this at night during a time where the elevator is less likely to be used.

1. Get on the elevator on the 1st floor.
2. Press 4 and when you reach the 4th floor, don’t get out and press 2.
3. When you reach 2nd floor, press 6.
4. When you reach 6th floor, press 2.
5. When you reach 2nd floor, press 10.
6. When you reach 10th floor, press 5.
7. When you reach the 5th floor, a girl will come in. That woman is not human. Don’t talk or look at the girl. If you do, she’ll take you away.
8. Press 1, and if the elevator instead starts going up to the 10th floor, then you have succeeded. You will have reached another world where there is no one except you.
9. If you get off at the 10th floor, the girl will ask, “Where are you going?” But don’t answer.

CODE: 4-2-6-2-10-5-girl comes in-1 —> 10 floor (other world)

How to return:

1. If the woman doesn’t get on AND if you don’t get off at the 10th floor.
2. If you don’t get off at the 10th floor, then press 1. If it doesn’t press, keep on pressing until it works.

To return after you get off:

1. You must use the same elevator to go back.
2. Do the 4-2-6-2-10-5 combo again.
3. After you reach the 5th floor, press 1.
4. As you’re going up the 10th floor, press some other number to cancel.
5. After you reach the 1st floor, check your surroundings.

When you return to your house after you faint:

If you were to faint in the process and wake up to find yourself in your own house, there’s a high chance that you’ll be taken back to the world again.


Have you tried this and if so did you find yourself in another world?  Please comment below as it would be great to know if there is any truth to it.


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  1. Matthew Hutchins

    The number pattern is used in lyrics to a song by Skynd called Elisa Lam, which is based on the disappearance of Elisa Lam. It is used as a paranormal explanation of how she disappeared and was found dead in a water tank on top of the hotel she was in. Video of her acting strangely in the hotel elevator is what lends to the possibility.

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