Warning! Do NOT watch this video. You may die if you do.

A mysterious creepy video has appeared on YouTube which claims that some people who have watched it full have died afterwards.  No-one knows who created it or where it came from which makes it even more mysterious.

The video is black and white and features a spooky masked person wearing a medieval doctor outfit or maybe its supposed to resemble a weird-looking bird.

The unknown person carries out a series of odd body movements to an eerie soundtrack of disturbing white noise and interference, while strange symbols flash on-screen.

The video is titled 01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101 which is said to be binary code.  When this code is converted to letters it apparently spells out MUETRE which is the spanish for DEATH.


The video has gone viral and has been discussed on various sites with one person on Reddit suggesting its the work of terrorists or of a serial killer.

The video was apparently found on a park bench by a paranormal channel and they posted it on YouTube but it didn’t receive much attention until a swedish tech blog received it and they also posted on YouTube.

Some people have suggested its someone trying to make a video similar to the one that appeared in the movie The Ring.  While others have speculated it’s a promo for some upcoming movie or video game.

I have no idea where the reports of anyone dyeing after watching it came from or if there is even any evidence of this but I think I will skip watching this all the way through just now.

You can read a full article on it here at the Daily Express


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