UFO’s may be from stealth civilisations living among us.

The true answer to the UFO mystery may be “cryptoterrestrial” – meaning that unidentifiable objects are members of an advanced species that is hiding on Earth – scientists have theorised.

According to estimates made by two Harvard scientists in a new research paper, there could be hidden places on earth housing entire civilisations entirely different from humanity as we know it. While sceptics have long questioned why UFOs, if they are alien craft, would visit Earth so frequently, the scientists believe the beings may have been here all along.

“While this notion may sound unlikely on first hearing, many observers are persuaded that it is at least conceivable,” the team wrote in their new study, “not least because whole swathes of our planet remain virtually unexplored and uncharted.”

With 80 percent of our oceans unmapped, and still unveiling ancient mysteries like Yonaguni Jima, the ‘Japanese Atlantis,’ not to mention uncharted caves and the dark side of the moon, they claim there’s plenty of space for a ‘stealth’ civilization.

“If another sentient species had inhabited Earth (or Mars) long before Homo sapiens, it is possible that we would have no notion,” the trio writes in their piece, which will soon be published in the journal Philosophy and Cosmology.

Several regions on Earth and near Earth were cited in the new study as worthwhile candidates for investigating the chances of a “cryptoterrestrial” species’ secret base.

The new study cited several regions on Earth and near Earth as worthwhile candidates for investigating the chances of a secret base belonging to a “cryptoterrestrial” species.

Some scientists have collaborated to ensure that all plausible theories are taken into consideration for the UFO mystery, which has seen a major effort for government declassification in recent months. Congress, the Pentagon, and others in government now more commonly refer to UFOs as UAP for “unidentified aerial (or anomalous) phenomena.”

One area, called the “Alaska Triangle,” is a remote and sparsely populated area between the cities of Anchorage, Juneau, and Utqiagvik that the authors described as a “significant hotspot” for UAPs [UFOs] and other oddities.

They noted that the Triangle has been ground zero for more than 20,000 unexplained disappearances since the 1970s, topping their trend of UFO sightings.

In particular, the researchers drew attention to several intriguing archaeological discoveries that propose the possibility of ancient civilisations that were not known before the species’ evolution.

They described a huge underwater rock structure found by a diver off the coast of Yonaguni Jima, Japan, which some marine geologists say may be the remains of a 5,000-year-old pyramid from Atlantis, Japan. “The internal structure of Earth is still mostly a mystery,” the team wrote.

Source: The Mirror US


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