Terrify yourself by playing some of these scary games for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching once again, the time of year to scare and be scared. If you are planning on celebrating Halloween this year with your family, friends or just by yourself then why not take part in some spine-chilling games and rituals to scare yourself stupid.

There is a plethora of these types of games and rituals out there so I have picked out some of my favourites to share and to suggest for you to try.

For most you will need a mirror and a candle. Play them at your own risk, be prepared to be petrified and try not to disappear into the underworld!

The Elevator game

If you want to visit another world then maybe playing the Elevator game could get you there.

You will need to be in a building with at least 10 floors as you will need to visit the different floors in the sequence of 4, 2, 6, 2, 10, 5, 1. If you visit each floor in the correct sequence a women will enter the elevator on the 5th floor but you should never speak to her!

The elevator should then start going up to the 10th floor even though you pressed floor 1. When you arrive on the 10th floor you can get out of the elevator and explore a totally different world, but be aware if the woman asks “Where are you going?” you should never ever answer her!  You can find the full instructions to play the Elevator game here.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is one of the most well known and popular scary games to play. You may have already played it while staying over at a friends house or at a house party.

To play you will need to sit in front of a mirror in a dark room with one single burning candle, the candle should be the only source of light. Face the mirror and then say “Bloooody Maaaarry” three times and then keep staring into the mirror, you might just see Bloody Mary. Legend says that she might try to scratch you or she could even try to pull you through the mirror!

Charlottes Web

Charlotte is a 7-year-old girl from the 1400’s whose mother was burned at the stake after being accused of being a witch. After her mother’s death Charlotte ran into the woods where she eventually died, but apparently she can talk to people through mirrors by playing this game.

You will need to play this with a friend as this game requires two people. Set up two chairs about two feet apart in a dark room. Both chairs need to be facing a mirror so you can see each others reflection when sitting facing the mirror. Place a table behind your chairs and put a child’s toy on the table so that you can see the table and the toy behind you in the mirror.

Light a single candle, sit in your chairs and face the mirror. Stare into the mirror and both say together “We want to play Charlottes Web”.

Watch the toy in the mirror, but never look away, you need to stay focused on looking at the toy through the mirror. If nothing happens then apparently Charlotte doesn’t want to play. You will then need to say “Goodbye Charlotte” and turn on the lights. If the toy does move then Charlotte does want to play and you can then talk to her, but never look away from the mirror when speaking to her. When you have had enough, both say “Goodbye Charlotte” and turn on the lights.

Baby Blue

Apparently a ghost baby will appear in your arms if you play this game correctly.

You need to play this game at night when it is dark.

Go into a bathroom with a mirror, lock the door and turn off the lights. Face the mirror and position your arms as if you are cradling a baby and gently rock your arms back and forth. While rocking your arms say “Blue baby, baby blue” 13 times. You may start to feel a heavy weight in your arms, but keep on rocking.

If you feel scratching on your arms quickly drop the weight down the toilet and flush! You must do this before a women appears in the mirror and screams at you to give her baby back. Or you could wait to see the screaming woman if you want to!

Ouija Board

Can playing the Ouija board be called a game? Maybe not, but trying to make contact with the dead during Halloween could be the easiest time to so. The Ouija board can be dangerous so make sure you know what you are doing and what you are letting yourself in for!

The Lords Prayer Reversed

This is a one that I remember being told about when I was a child. Rumours went around school that kids had seen the Devil and even seen books fly off the shelves in the school library while playing this little game.

It’s quite simple, all you need to do is be sat in front of a mirror preferably in a dark room, face the mirror and recite the lords Prayer backwards three times. After the third time a demon or the Devil is said to appear in the mirror and even come through the mirror in some cases!

Start with Amen and read it aloud backwards three times. Amen, ever and ever for glory, and so on…

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come;
thy will be done;
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass
against us.
And lead us not into temptation;
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory,
for ever and ever.

I hope you have fun trying some of these games and remember to be careful, who knows what you might see!

If you have played any of these games and had experiences feel free to share in the comments.



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