Girl possessed by the devil after using a phone app

It appears that a young girl supposedly become possessed by the devil after playing with a Ouija board phone app.

Its said that 18-year-old Patricia Quispe had been trying the ‘CharlieCharlie’ challenge which has taken social media by storm…..  I’ve never heard of this challenge so have I have no idea what is about.

Anyway, Patricia became “possessed” after using the app and trying out the challenge.  She was then rushed to hospital where medics struggle to control her.

In the video she can be seen convulsing and foaming at the mouth, she also allegedly tried to take her own life.

It is also reported the her voice changed and began summoning the devil, she can be heard shout “666” and “let me go, let me go”.  She also shouts “Please give me my phone” as well as “Mum, these doctors don’t know what they’re doing, take me home”


Since her “possession” she has been committed to a psychiatric ward so doctors can attempt to find out what caused crazy her bizarre behavior.


I’m not too sure about this.  Is she really possessed or is she having a hysterical fit?  Surely if they thought she was possessed they would have call in a priest rather than let the doctors deal with it?

I found some info about the CharlieCharlie craze.  Kids are asked to repeat the words “Charlie, Charlie are you here” to summon a visit form a demon.

They then have to chant “Charlie, Charlie can we stop” or they risk leaving a portal open for more demons to come in and out of their house as the please.



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