A ghost in the mirror

Over at r/Paranormal on Reddit there are always a lot weird and wonderful paranormal stories, photos and videos shared and discussed.

Just recently one strange photo was shared of what shows a ghostly pair of legs standing behind a man while looking in a mirror.

Reddit user fonzaaay who shared the photo said that the photo was submitted by an anonymous guest was told that the guy in the photo was getting ready to go into the city and snapped a quick picture in the mirror to share with his kids, then one of his kids text him back telling him to look at the ghostly legs.

There have been many comments on the Reddit post, some say it could be a glitch with the phone’s camera while others say it could be corrupt data and it was someone walking behind him, but a lot of comments say this is a real and super creepy ghost caught on camera.

One person commented to say that they have examined the photo in Photoshop but cant see any manipulation ” I just monkeyed around with the levels of this in Photoshop — it’s pretty compelling. I don’t see any manipulation of the photo or weird fractals or anything around the ghostly legs”.

You can read the Reddit post here 

What to you make of it?


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