Ouija Boards – Are they believable?

Ouija Boards are a tool that are used in the paranormal field around the world. They help open portals to spirits that are eager to communicate.

Although, helpful as some might consider them to be. There are others like myself that think of them as a dangerous toy. They shouldn’t be taken lightly and best to keep your distance from.

Whether skeptic or believer, one solid question always remains. Are they believable?

I discovered an interesting project that was done by the National Geographic Channel. It was astounding to see the end results with the involved participants.

The video portrays a group of people having an Ouija board session. One of them believes she is talking to her deceased grandfather. All four people seem rather perplexed by what is happening.

However, things take a different perspective when the participants are blindfolded and ask the Ouija Board different questions. This alone results in a major upheaval with answers they are supposedly retrieving.

What happened?

Why did the outcome vary with and without blindfolds?

Did the power of vision coerce the answers without seeing what is being spelled out?

There are so many questions this experiment unloads in wanting answers to. It only leaves you wanting to know more. Maybe even wanting to conduct this experiment for yourself and find out what happens in return.

What are your thoughts?

Source: National Geographic


About Shane Crick

Shane Crick resides in Kentucky with his partner and spoiled pooche. He has been a follower of the paranormal for many years. His goal is to seek out all things paranormal and share the findings throughout his journey.