Urban legends and scary stories your heard as a child

I was listening to a radio show early today and they were talking about scary things you heard as a child and it got me thinking about the urban legends and spooky stories I heard when I was a kid that scared the bejesus of out me.

We are going back to the 80’s here. The time before Google, YouTube and Wikipedia, so what you heard back then there was really no way of instantly looking it up to read more or finding out if it was true. Not knowing if it was true or fake and with being a child fueled the imagination big time.

I remember playing in the streets, as kids did back then, and telling each other scary stories as the nights drew in, especially around this time of year near Halloween.

I also remember that being the time before pumpkins became a thing. Here in the UK at least. I think the US have always had pumpkins at Halloween.

We used to walk around with carved out turnips called Jack O’Lanterns with a candle in the middle. I used to love that smell of burning turnip on a cold Halloween night, trick or treating, wearing a plastic face mask and a bin liner over my clothes to try and look scary.

There were a load of stories and myths I heard back then, here are few of them.

The Lords Prayer backwards

I seem to remember being told if you say the Lords Prayer backwards while looking into a mirror you will summon the Devil. That was told to me in and old school library while sitting next to a mirror. To this day I have never had the courage to try it and see if its true. Obviously nothing happens right?

Bloody Mary

Another legend I heard was that if you say Bloody Mary three times in a dark room while looking into a mirror, she will appear in the mirror!  Again that’s another one that to this day I haven’t been brave enough to try. Maybe this was a play on the Beetlejuice movie, or the other way around?

The beast on top of the car

A story I remember hearing more than once which I vaguely remember but it always sticks in my mind for some reason involved a woman, her boyfriend and a strange beast. It went something like this.

A woman and her boyfriend were driving along a dark country road late at night. The car broke down and the woman’s boyfriend got out of the car to try and find help. He told her not to leave the car no matter how long he is gone.

He was away for hours when suddenly she heard banging on the roof of the car. She started to panic but stayed in the car as her boyfriend had told her not to leave no matter what. Some time later the police arrived pointing guns at the car. They told her to get out of the car and don’t look back. As she left she did look back and saw a beast standing on top of her car holding her boyfriends head!

Now I’m sure I have missed out some of that story but I just cant remember all of it. I know it scared the hell out of me back in the day. If you were ever told that story and remember it all please let me know.

As its almost Halloween, what were the urban legends and scary stories that scared the hell out of you during your childhood?

Please let me know in the comments or by email. If anyone sends some, I will share them on a new post.



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