A poltergeist is filmed on CCTV running rampant through the corridor of a school in Ireland

This is good footage if indeed its real.

A CCTV camera set up in Deerpark CBS, which is the oldest school in Cork, Ireland, has recorded an angry poltergeist causing havoc through the school’s corridor.

The footage was recorded around 3am on October 1st.

At first the door along the end of the corridor starts slamming violently, then moments later flashes of light can be seen coming from behind the door.

A set of lockers begin to shake and rock aggressively then one of the locker doors flies open spilling books and papers onto the floor.

A ‘Wet Floor’ sign then flies into the air as if someone or something had kicked it.

The school shared the video onto their Facebook page and asking if anyone had the number for the Ghostbusters.

The head teacher told the Daily Star that he could not explain what was happening in the footage but wants people who watch it to make up their own minds about it.

Nothing has been confirmed whether its genuine or not, but apparently the school is holding a Halloween event called FearPark, so it may be all a prank to promote the event.

What do you think?



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