Shop owner shares photos from inside his sweet shop to prove that it is haunted

A shop owner who is convinced that his sweet shop is haunted has taken shots from his security camera and shared them to prove that his shop is being haunted.

The shop in Taunton, England dates back to the 1500’s and was once a pub.

One photo shows a little girl ghost with her arms held out looking towards the camera.

Another photo shows a jar of sweeps floating in the air

Shop owner Lord Miles Parker told the Daily Star:

“The building dates back to the 1500’s and was originally used by the monks of Taunton.

“We’ve had a few paranormal incidents including locked doors opening, footsteps in the hallway and bottles in the window lying down instead of standing up and so on.

“This footage from our security camera shows were captured at 1:08am – the camera only captures images not video – and shows jars of sweets floating in front of the window and arranging themselves in a circle on the floor.”

The shop was previously the Naval and Military Pub

Miles said: “We’ve had previous clients of the pub come in and recall stories of tankards flying off the wall and tables and chairs being stacked up in a pyramid.

“We’ve even had customers come in and tell us they can feel a presence.”

What do you think?   The little girl ghost looks fake to me.


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