UFO deploying smaller ufo’s is filmed over USA

A video has recently emerged showing a strange bright orb type UFO hovering over a town. What’s even stranger is that it deploys five smaller bright UFO orbs which hover closer to the ground and then float off in opposite directions.

The large UFO later floats down to merge with one of the smaller orbs before suddenly disappearing.

The person shooting the video is constantly heard shouting “oh my god!” in disbelief as they are watching what is happening.

The UFO is said to have been filmed somewhere in the USA although the exact location is not know.

There are also rumours that there are other videos shot from different directions as there were multiple witnesses, which would prove that it isn’t a hoax. If these other videos exist I will share them.

What do you make of it. Did you witness it?, is it a real ufo or military? or is it another hoax?



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