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So here’s the thing. Maybe I’m starting to lose interest or just becoming immune to all these paranormal stories, videos and TV shows. I’m finding myself becoming more and more skeptical and a little disappointed every time I see something new. Maybe its the day an age we live in and everything can be easily faked now. Anyone can use CGI and video editing software, there are even apps that add ghost images to photos and videos.

When I started Paranormal Globe I had all the intentions of sharing only interesting stuff which I believe could be real in the paranormal world. Anything that would grab my attention, give me goosebumps or give me a shiver from watching a video or looking at a photo, but now everything I see looks fake. Some stuff is blatantly fake, yet that stuff makes it into the national media.

I’m even finding TV shows uninteresting and disappointing now. Years ago when Most Haunted first appeared on our screens, it was a good watch, it seemed genuine, it kept me glued to the screen seeing if they would capture a ghost on camera, but that show became a joke as the years progressed. There was also TAPS Ghost Hunters that was a great show, spooky at times, capturing some evidence especially in the early days, that ended in 2016.

Among the plethora of paranormal TV shows, some good, some not so good, there is Ghost Adventures.

Now I did like Ghost Adventures when they first appeared on our screens, just three guys no other crew as they would tell you. However the past few years I get disappointed after every episode. I still watch it as I believe its the best ghost show on TV at the moment but at the end of every episode for the past few seasons I’m always find myself saying “meh”, and that seems to be for every paranormal TV show I watch. Maybe I’m just becoming immune to it all and nothing spooks me, excites me or interests me anymore.

Maybe I should create my own TV show called Paranormal Globe, now that would be good, anyone want to commission it? 🙂

Even when I look for things to share on this site, most things I come across I am very skeptical about. I have posted photo’s and videos on here which I believe to be fake, I have went ahead and posted them just so the blog doesn’t look dormant for a while. That is not what I intended to do when I first started this site. I wanted to share real genuine stories, photos and videos. I do get guest post requests from readers which I am always happy to accept. If you have anything to share please feel free to get in touch and post your stories in here.

I started a YouTube channel last year to run alongside this blog. I shared a good few videos and had almost 4000 subscribers and close to 3 million views which is not too bad for a little old blog. However I have received copyright notices and take down requests, mainly my fault… naughty! I shouldn’t have posted some videos without permission! So with that I have closed the YouTube Channel, it would probably have been closed eventually anyway. I will go through and try re-linking videos to the posts that will now have videos missing.

I am still going to keep posting on this site. I have just recently paid for another years hosting so I’m going to make sure I do. I still have an interest in this kind of stuff, I always have, it just seems to be fading lately. I just need to find good, interesting, genuine and believable stuff to share. Again feel free to send me your photo’s, videos, stories, anything to spark mine and every readers interest.

Will post again soon.






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