Treasure hunters stumble upon stone carvings in a cave which could prove Mayan alien contact

Could these stone carvings discovered in a complex cave system in Mexico prove that the Mayans were in contact with Extraterrestrials?

A group of treasure hunters on an expedition in caves in Mexico have found Jada stones with what looks like engravings depicting Aliens and UFO’s.

The stones are said to date back to Mayan times and suggests that the Mayans were in contact with Aliens.

The discovery was made in March this year but news of the find has only been released in the past few days.

The treasure hunting team walked for several hours through undergrowth before they found three private caves, these were between Puebla and Veracruz

Out of the three caves they found a number of Jada stones with the alien engravings in one of the caves and what they believe to be gold in another cave.

There is one stone that shows something that resembles a spacecraft with an alien standing underneath receiving or giving a gift to a Mayan.

The team that discovered the stones are convinced it shows proof that the Mayan or an Aztec civilisation were visited by beings from another planet.

Their theory is that the aliens were shipwrecked and before being rescued they left proof of their stay in the caves.

There is a legend that the caves are close to an area where an alien spacecraft had become trapped and may have become embedded in the cave. This is what gave the treasure hunters the idea to find and explore the caves.

Studies are going to take place on the stones to confirm whether they are real or fake. I’m hoping they are found to be real, it would be an amazing discovery.

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