A haunted Mickey Mouse Doll

Haunted dolls seem to be becoming quite common lately, every other week or month there seems to someone from somewhere in the world telling a story or recording a video of a haunted doll they own.

This recent haunted doll news comes from Plymouth, UK. Whats weird about this doll though is that it is not some freaky looking porcelain doll, its Micky Mouse!

Back in 2012 Michael Pomeroy, owner of Something Different shop, bought the 7 inch Micky Mouse soft doll.

The doll is made up of foam and a metal inner frame, it has no mechanical parts.

He looked for place to display it in his shop and decided to put it in a corner against a cabinet as it would not stand up by itself. When he returned to the shop the next morning he spotted Mickey on the floor about 16 inches from here he left him.

Michael decided to check the overnight cctv footage to see what could have cause Mickey to fall to the floor and was shocked to see Mickey had walked about eight inches by itself before falling over.

This is the CCTV footage

“My first reaction was utter amazement” said Michael, “that soft toy, with no moving parts moved 16 inches by itself.”

However he does not believe it is the doll that is haunted but that it is his shop that’s actually haunted.

He recently moved premises to a shared building with another shop which is said to be occupied by spirits.

Michael explained that the spirits have shown no interest in another other vintage toys in his shop only the Micky Mouse doll.

He does not believe the spirit or spirits are nasty although there has been unexplained knocking and hair pulling experienced.

A medium who visited his shop have suggested its most likely a ghost of child that haunts the building.

What do you make of it? Did the doll walk or just tumble over?


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