Clear photo of UFO emerging from a storm in Mexico

AN INCREDIBLY clear photo allegedly shows a disc-shaped UFO estimated to be about 50ft across emerging from a storm before vanishing into space.

The series of images showing the round silver object have caused a stir after they emerged in Mexico and were shown on national news TV.

Car mechanic Juan Manuel Sanchez took the UFO photos which went viral after he shared them on his Facebook.

He claims he spotted the object while trying to take snaps with his mobile phone of an approaching storm.

The clear and high resolution photos appear to show the saucer shape hanging in front of the dark clouds in the distance.

But while the photos have caused a stir, it’s unclear if its camera trick, a natural phenomena, an elaborate hoax, or a genuine sighting of an mysterious object.

Juan however stands by his story and gave his account of the sighting outside his home in Valle Hermoso on August 17 to Mexican television station RDTV.

His wife and one of his co-workers also claim to have seen the mysterious saucer before it shot off into the sky towards space.

The mechanic estimates the object was around 50 feet across and he believes it was around half a mile from his home.

And he hit back at doubters who claim his photo is a fake, saying people had told him they think it was a hubcap or a pan lid.

Juan said he was “in shock” when he first allegedly spotted the object, saying it wasn’t “fear, but something like astonishment”.

The mechanic said he is disappointed he didn’t get a video, but as his camera was in photo mode he simply took the pictures he could before the object vanished.

And he claimed later that night he then saw lights in the sky, and claimed others have told him they have had similar sightings in the area.

Juan admitted he was worried about making his sighting public as he feared the stigma associated with UFOs.


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