Paris Paranormal Crash – video of witness Testimony from morgue technician confirms Body Tampering Allegations

I’ll start off with a little explanation if you don’t know about the story of the strange connection between two car crashes, one that occurred on the M6 near Birmingham UK in 2010 and another crash in Paris around six months later.

Eye witnesses at both crash sites reported seeing a bright flash of light before the crash happened with some victims vanishing and reappearing.

Even the crash investigators revealed they are unable to explain certain facts surrounding the M6 crash. This caused many to think maybe something paranormal was involved, was it aliens, time travel or something else.

The writer ZWT Jameson, who is involved in one movie project currently in development with Warner Bros. Studios divulges more evidence he used when putting together his groundbreaking new book 1 of 26.

The evidence in question is a video testimony recorded by Colin Z Hall, the man who initially investigated reports into the M6 and Paris Paranormal Crashes written by the freelance reporter Mark Collins.

Colin granted permission to publish a Skype call he recorded with one of the key witnesses he interviewed about the events that took place in the morgue at the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital in Paris. By agreeing to this Colin felt that people could get an understanding of the depth of evidence ZWT Jameson had at his disposal whilst researching the book.

This witness testimony details the many anomalies associated with the condition of the bodies brought in to the morgue at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris after the crash in near the Eiffel Tower.

Allegations include a lack of physical evidence to suggest the victims died in the crash and that they were heavily sedated, which in her opinion, rendered them incapable of driving the vehicles they were discovered in. The witness also details the break in to the mortuary that took place and how the perpetrator set about trying to tamper with the victims of the crash.

This witness testimony does appear to corroborate earlier reports by Mark Collins.

Background to 1 of 26:

When the initial reports into the M6 Paranormal Crash and Paris Paranormal Crash first surfaced a few years ago many were skeptical and questioned the validity and authenticity of those reports.

This is the only known video from the crash on the M6 in England:

Speculation was rife and soon after those initial reports along came headlines such as ‘The Milky Way Motorway’ and ‘The Time Travellers Diary’ as the media tried to make sense of what was being reported by a lone freelance journalist going by the name of Mark Collins who was based in Manchester, England.

These headlines were soon accompanied by theories suggesting that time travel and alien life forms could hold clues to what really happened during those incidents – again all prompted by Mark Collins’ ongoing investigations.

Others spoke of it being an elaborate hoax perpetrated by one man; the finger of suspicion pointed at Mark Collins.

Across both incidents the reports spoke of bright lights, occupants of vehicles either disappearing altogether or momentarily and allegations of a cover up with the authorities not willing to officially go on the record.

Mark Collins reported that in Paris someone broke into the morgue at the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital to tamper with the bodies from the crash, while it was alleged that CCTV footage would hold clues as to what may have happened to the victims from the crash on the M6; this footage was never uncovered or revealed to the public.

But whilst the reports stopped, ZWT Jameson persevered. What he uncovered was testimony talking of time travel, of people being sent back to our time to locate key compounds for a vaccine to help protect the population of the future from a deadly virus, and of allegations citing that First Contact happened in 2009 and was being covered up and hidden on board the International Space Station.

Speaking about the book, ZWT Jameson comments:

“It had to be published as a science-fiction book because I couldn’t independently verify what I was being told during my research. Witnesses were guaranteed anonymity so that placed limitations on how this story could be portrayed to the public.

People can call it out as hoax, and I would totally understand that, but I had to take these witness statements on face value & knew that they wanted their story told”

About ZWT Jameson:

ZWT Jameson is a writer whose projects include being part of the creative team behind a movie in development with Warner Bros called ARES which Academy Award winning director Robert Zemeckis has signed up to direct and was written by Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel, Tomb Raider).

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