The Haunting of Hill House Season 2. What to expect

The Haunting of Hill House is an American anthology based, supernatural horror web television show directed by Mike Flanagan originally produced for Netflix and produced by Amblin Television and Paramount. Season 1 of this horror-based drama is based on the novel written by Shirley Jackson, the novel itself was called the “Haunting of The Hill house.”

The story revolves around five siblings who experience paranormal activities in the Hill house, which continuously haunt them and thus creates this magnificently scary yet interesting storyline. The show picks some amazing pace when the siblings get flashbacks of some disturbing events that have already occurred. Season 1 of this thrilling horror was aired on 12th October 2018. When it first met the eyes of the audience, it was good enough to make sure that every viewer was just waiting to know what happens next and what kind of horrible tragedy takes place. Isn’t that obvious? Our curiosity just increases each time we see something better than before.


Haunting of The Hill House cast includes many famous faces, and the forthcoming season will see many new cast members.

  • Steven Crain ( played by Michiel Huisman as an adult/Paxton Singleton as a child)
  • Shirley Crain ( played by Elizabeth Reaser/Lulu Wilson)
  • Theodora also called ‘Theo’ Crain ( played by Kate Siegel/Mckenna Grace)
  • Luke Crain ( played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen/Julian Hilliard)
  • Nell Crain (Victoria Pedretti/Violet McGraw)
  • Hugh Crain (played by Timothy Hutton/Henry Thomas)
  • Olivia Crain (played by Carla Gugino)

The Haunting of The Hill House Season 2 Release Date

The production of the Second Season began on 30th September 2019 and was completed on 21st February 2020. But the release date has not been officially announced, but the Twitter and Instagram pages of “The haunting of Bly Manor” have stated that their nail-biting horror season two, will hit the screens sometime soon in 2020.  With a little hope of something happening early due to the coronavirus pandemic, all the audience have been patient enough to be amazed by the second edition of this anthology based American horror drama.

(Haunting of the Bly Manor Release Date: Late 2020 – Status: In Production)

The Haunting of The Hill House Season 2 Spoilers: Expected Plot

Season 1 had all its viewers terrified but yet amazed and wanting to watch more of the show, stuck on the edges of their seats! For nearly ten episodes, it was a hell of a ride, to each and everyone who had a glimpse of this perfectly written and even perfectly portrayed horror drama.

Although season one ends with all the trouble getting away, season two is said to have a new haunted home! With new sets of characters and even more drama. Season two is said to be called the ‘Haunting of the Bly Mansion,’ which is based on the Novel of Henry James, called “The Turn of The Screw.”

Season two is said to stun us by another anthology approach in its storyline that goes like; A governess moves to the Bly Mansion to take care of Flora and Miles, who lost their parents. Things get scary and interesting when the governess finds out a ghost of the previous governess and her lover named Peter Quint around the mansion. The novel, ” the turning of the screw” is the backbone of this season. As Mike Flanagan has taken an anthology approach to the series, we can only expect more and more haunting and drama in the second edition of this show. If you’re someone who ups his/her game once you’re into a show and wants more thrill in the next season, heads up! You might just get what you wished.

Another treat for the viewers is that the characters that played the previous roles will have different roles now, for example, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who was Luke Crain in season one, returns for Bly Manor/ Mansion in a different role. This not only adds more spice to the hit Netflix horror, but it also keeps the audience waiting to be overwhelmed by their favorite characters.

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