What is the Skinwalker Ranch?

If you’re clued up on your ufology then you will be well aware of the tales of Skinwalker Ranch. In short, it is a paranormal hotbed based in Utah and has had a grisly reputation dating back to tribal Indian times. These days, it is perhaps best known for the History Channel’s TV show, ‘The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch’. However, it has also been featured on various news segments, as well as other TV shows over the years, such as the time podcast host Joe Rogan investigated the ranch.

The origins of Skinwalker Ranch

As the name suggests, according to some this is the home of a Skinwalker. Apparently, a Skinkwalker is a shapeshifting shaman that kills animals and even people. This myth dates back to the Navajo tribes that used to roam the lands. Perhaps the most eerie reporting from the ranch have been those regarding the Skinwalker attacking local cattle. The way in which these cattle are killed is particularly intriguing and they are often skinned in a very clean way, sometimes with eyes missing too. This is why some look towards blaming the paranormal, as these killings can’t really be pinned on humans or animals and are often killed to an almost surgical level of precision.

The Skinwalker Ranch in modern day

These days, the ranch is owned by Brandon Fugal, a real estate millionaire from Utah. Since purchasing the land in 2016, he has allowed the likes of the History Channel to film on his site, as previously mainstream coverage wasn’t as commonplace. Because of this, there is a hope amongst the paranormal community that over time, more information will be released by Fugal, who seems more talkative compared to the ranch’s previous owner, Robert Bigelow.

Bigelow owned the ranch from 1996-2016 and kept his findings fairly secretive. Even when featuring on the Joe Rogan podcast, which had previously mentioned his ranch, he didn’t mention the project. So what did Bigelow find? According to Bigelow, he purchased the ranch from the Sherman family who told him of various tales. These tales included magnetic energy orbs, cattle mutilation, hauntings and even UFO’s that were resistant to bullets. It doesn’t seem like the Sherman family wanted a fast buck either. The ranch stands over 500 acres and was sold for $200,000. Since then, they have also remained relatively quiet, so it wasn’t exactly a planned hoax either.

According to some, whenever these supernatural incidents occurred, cameras would miraculously break and radar would jam. The result, is that nothing could possibly record such findings. Because of this, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence when it comes to the ranch, but few concrete stories. Of course, skeptics will say this is convenient, but those more open minded will argue otherwise.

What does the future hold for the Skinwalker Ranch?

These days, experiments are still going on. As seen on the History Channel program, there is definitely something strange and bizarre about the place. One example of this is the soundwaves that are recorded which cannot be explained. At one point, the ranch was also acquired by the National Institute for Discovery Science. This means that the US government has its eye on the ranch, which is a proverbial two fingers up to the naysayers.

Having said this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we will know much about the ranch in the future. As it’s privately owned, like previous owners the secrets can be kept from the public. Until then, the Skinwalker Ranch remains a constant source of mystery. Even for those who are naturally skeptical, there are some things that are interesting about Skinwalker Ranch.


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