American Airlines pilot records audio footage of UFO encounter

Earlier this year, an American Airlines pilot encountered a UFO whilst flying from Cincinnati to Phoenix. This incident took place in the skies of Albuquerque which is known as something of a UFO hot spot. The audio was recorded as he gave feedback to Albuquerque air traffic control roughly halfway through the flight. Here, he said “We’ve just had something go right over the top of us. It’s a long, cylindrical object. It almost looks like a cruise missile thing moving really fast that came right above us.”

This was near launch compound 96 near Fort Wingate which is near a military base. Because of this, some have speculated that it could have been a missile from a nearby testing site. Interestingly, American Airlines had their own take on the matter which confirmed the audio was from their airplane. They also added “For any additional questions on this, we encourage you to reach out to the FBI”

It also gets more interesting in favor that it wasn’t just a missile, as the Federal Aviation Administration said its air traffic controllers didn’t pick up any objects on their radar. Surely if it was a missile then it would have been picked up at some point? This leads us to two possible outcomes. The first is that it could be a very technologically advanced missile, or it could be a genuine spacecraft.

As it happens, Albuquerque has always been home to UFO sightings as it is in the heart of New Mexico, which is also home to Roswell and other historic locations. Even UFC Champion Georges St Pierre has retold his own accounts of seeing UFOs whilst driving in the area. Eerily, he also had other eye-witnesses with him to back up his claims.

For those after more information on the incident, the plane’s flight number was 2292 and this took place on February 21, 2021. Over the years, there have been many commercial and military pilot sightings of UFOs whilst flying in the sky. This begs the question why aren’t these planes fitted with dash-cam type camcorders which would add more weight to these claims.



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