Prophecy – A short fantasy film review

Prophecy is a debut short supernatural film by Black Rabbit films. The film was released for streaming on Vimeo at the end of 2019.

The film had been released on the festival circuit back in October 2019 and won three awards all for Best Music Video at the Concorso Vivere di Musica, Calcutta International Cult and OpenWorld Toronto Film Festival for its use of original music.

Prophecy is an interesting 12 minute long film. It tells the story of young songwriter Rae who is struggling with mental illness, heroin addiction and discovering that she has supernatural gifts all while living on the streets of Miami. It all leads to one Halloween night when Rae discovers her true calling.

Prophecy is actually focused on writer and star of the film Barbera DeJesus, telling her own struggles with heroin addiction during her youth. Barbara also directed, co-edited, co-produced, coloured the film along with creating some of the music.

Barbara DeJesus is an international award winning filmmaker, author, musician, and a student of Anthropology

The film also features TV personality Rajee Narinesingh of ‘E Series’ and ‘Botched’ as Lady of Fortune, a fortune teller.

From the first 20 seconds, the film will grab your attention with an opening rap music scene and take you on a short ride from that moment on. With good directing, great acting and great music throughout out the film, its a good watch.

If you are at loss for something to do or need to kill some time I would recommend watching Prophecy.

You can watch Prophecy on Vimeo link here   Or watch on the player below

Prophecy – Short Film from Marcus W. Albino on Vimeo

*I was invited to watch Prophecy. This review is of my own thoughts and opinions. 


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