Storm Area 51: Stormers failed

You have probably heard about the Storm Area 51 event.

Back in June millions of people responded to an internet post calling for people to run into the Area 51 military base to prove that the US Military are hiding Aliens and UFO’s.

The Storm Area 51 “They can’t stop us” event had spawned festivals in the small Nevada towns of Rachel and Hiko which are near the military base and according the county sheriff, they estimated that of late Thursday, around 1500 people had gathered at the festival sites and around 150 people had made the trip to the Area 51 gates to take selfies.

It’s reported that a woman ducking under the gate and a man urinating near the gate were arrested at about 3am on Friday morning as a crowd started to gather.

It was also been reported that the U.S. Air Force were sending reinforcements to Area 51 just in case things got out of hand during the planned raid.

The raid was planned from 3 am to 6 am on this Friday morning, September 20th.  However one of the live video streams announced that the stormers had “failed”

There were a number of live streams of the attempted raid, you can watch some below.

Please feel free to comment with other live stream links or photos of the event if you have any to share.

There is a good write up to read of the event with a lot of photos and videos over at


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