Man installs CCTV in his house to record paranormal activity. This is what he captured!

A MAN who noticed bizarre activity occurring in his home installed CCTV to finally get an answer – but what he captured left him terrified.

Bizarre video footage – that some believe proves the existence of ghosts – was uploaded on Saturday after a strange encounter in Florida, US.

It shows a small white object appearing to float around the room, with a light source being emitted against the floor.

It then suddenly darts to the right and passes through a solid wall, before returning once more.

The anonymous source, who uploaded the clip to The Mutual UFO Network, revealed he had also been having strange dreams, which he believes is linked.

“My dad woke me up to show me what he found on the security camera after we had them installed,” he said.

“At first we thought it was a bug but I noticed a beam shining from the bottom of the flying object.

“It looked like it was scanning for something. At one point it shrinks smaller and the propeller it had at the top of the object disappears.

“As soon as it shrinks smaller it flies up to the ceiling, and shoots back down and goes back to the original form it was in.

“I’ve had these strange dreams of someone coming to pick me up to go to work but my work was not on Earth.

“It seemed like i was in space. For the next week I kept having the same dream of being picked up but it would always be a different scenario.”

The video has since been shared on YouTube channel Disclose Screen, where it has racked up hundreds of hits.

And viewers had their own views on what it could be.

“Looks like an orb to me,” one claimed.

Another added: “There is no chance that is a bug.”

But a third suggested: “Could be a flashlight being shined from behind the camera.”

What do you think?

Source: Daily Star


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