Woman captures ghostly figure in Dinwiddie bonfire photo

A group of adults and teens gathered together on Saturday night for a bonfire in Dinwiddie, Virginia, US.

One of the group took several photos at the bonfire with her phone and posted them straight online before heading home.  It wasn’t until the following morning when she learned that a lot of people looking through the pics could see a ghostly figure in one of them.

“It’s creepy, it’s very creepy “she said.


Zach Everette who was sitting around the bonfire when the picture was taken said “You can obviously see a face right there, that definitely wasn’t there when we were sitting there,”

Shelly Ballard who was standing next to the person taking the photo’s said “It’s a ghost!, There is no way anybody could have been standing right there, it’s a hole”


A lot of comments on the photo suggest its a Civil War soldier, which a lot or people believe is plausible as 10,000 Union and Confederate soldiers travelled to Dinwiddie County in the last year of the Civil War.

It does look a little like a civil war soldier, although I think it also looks like a women wearing a hat from the same era.

What do you think?

Watch the video from WTVR.



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