A strange cloud formation and trumpet sounds over Jerusalem.

We’ve all heard about them and watched numerous videos which show strange trumpet sounds heard from all corners of the globe during the past few years, but these strange trumpet sounds in Jerusalem were accompanied by a mysterious cloud formation which caused people to worry that it was the start of an apocalypse.


The weird event took place back in October and was filmed by two separate witnesses which could prove it wasn’t faked or created by CGI.

As the creepy trumpet noises were sounding out a mysterious cloud formation appeared in the sky which looked like a portal was opening up.

Locals started to panic and worry that it could be the end of times as according the Book of Revelation in the Bible, the sound of seven trumpets will sound before the second coming of Jesus Christ and the Rapture.

Those that witnessed the event and have seen the footage suggest that it could be the work of HAARP, some believe it is fake while others say it is definitely the work of Jesus.

There could be a rational explanation though. Scientists have said that these strange noises heard in Jerusalem and around the world is down to the Earths natural radio emissions.  However, that doesn’t explain the strange cloud formation!

What do you think?

Personally I don’t agree when conspiracy theorists blame HAARP for this kind of thing.  Sure they could be getting up to all sorts, but I don’t think they have the ability to modify weather, create earthquakes, control people’s minds or cause strange phenomenon like this in Jerusalem as many people believe they do.  …But I could be wrong!


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  1. Might I suggest getting right with God? Jesus is both the Jewish Messiah and the Christian Savior.AND, HE IS coming back soon.

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