EMF Meters: Choosing and Using EMF Meters for Paranormal Investigations

An EMF meter measures the electromagnetic field and is often used in paranormal investigations to alert ghost hunters to the possibility of paranormal activity. The theory is that ghosts or entities require large amounts of energy to manifest or to interact with people and they draw that energy from the surroundings. When this occurs, it thought to create fluctuations or spikes in the electromagnetic field.

Baseline Readings

To use an EMF meter effectively, you should get a baseline reading of the area. Because any electrical source can cause fluctuations in the field, it is vital to explore any know causes of spikes in the EMF field. Electrical equipment, wiring and appliances are the normal suspects, but even a small lamp or clock can emit enough energy to influence the meter. Larger electrical supplies like towers and relay stations may produce energy that causes fluctuations from a distance.

Man-made Causes

Always look for man-made causes for high EMF readings. In general, a constant high reading comes from man-made objects while fluctuations may indicate paranormal activity. Once a baseline reading has been established for the investigative site, using the meter to monitor the electromagnetic energy may provide paranormal investigators with a signal that an entity is present or that paranormal activity is likely to occur.Generally baseline readings will be below a one,

Choosing a Meter

The Pro Measure K-II-Deluxe EMF Meter with On/Off Switch is ideal for ghost hunting as the it can be switched on and does not require holding the button with your thumb. Spikes in electromagnetic energy cause a series of lights to come on to alert the user. This meter can be placed in a stationary position and allowed to run. It can be purchased for approximately $70. An inexpensive EMF meter can be purchased for under $30, but is not equipped to light when fluctuations occur. Look for a meter with a triple axis for more accurate readings.

Success Stories

The TAPS team from SyFy’s Ghost hunters has met some success with using the K II meter to detect entities and to communicate with spirits. Because the meter lights up when electromagnetic fluctuations occur, it is theoretically possible for spirits or ghosts to respond to questions by activating the meter. Direct questioning by Jason and Grant has produced what appears to be direct communication from spirits.


According to Grant Wilson’s myspace, the K II is sensitive to walkies, two-way radios, and cell phones and may register false positives up to 20 feet away. Shut of all communication devices when using the K II EMF meter to avoid interference. Place the meter away from wireless audio devices for the same reason.

Although there is no proof that an EMF meter can actually detect paranormal activity, many ghost hunters and paranormal investigators believe that fluctuations in the electromagnetic field may signal the presence of a spirit or entity. The EMF detector serves as another tool to assist in investigating haunted locations and may prove to be beneficial to your group.

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