Poltergeist activity caught on camera?

A Reddit user has shared a video of what they believe could be poltergeist activity in their home.

The woman, seen in the video, and her fiancé moved into their new home last autumn but instantly felt that there was something wrong with the house.

In the dead of night they hear dishes rattling in the kitchen and empty glass jars rolling around in the basement. They also say that a horrid sickly smell sometimes appears from nowhere in their bedroom.

They set up a video camera in their living room to try to catch anything paranormal and the video they shared shows the woman taking an afternoon nap with her dog when suddenly a calendar in the kitchen area falls to the floor. The dog gets startled and looks towards the wall just before the calendar falls.

Comments on the Reddit post suggest that the calendar was just hanging by a string and it snapped and fell to the floor but the woman claims that the calendar was nailed to the wall.

What to you make of it?

Did it just fall or is this paranormal activity and did the dog actually sense something before the calendar fell?



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