Man films poltergeist activity at a South Texas Motel.

Frank Ramirez shared a video on social media of what he believes to be a poltergeist at work in the hotel room that he was staying in.

I’m very skeptical about this video and it seems a lot of others are too just by reading people’s comments on the video. Some are saying its a hoax and that fishing wire is being used.

Frank said he started filming the room after the third time the phone in the room was yanked off the hook.

He was staying at the Country Side Inn in Harlingen, Texas.

He says he stays in the hotel quite often as he work in Harlingen, but on this occasion he was booked into room 38.

The video shows the phone coming off the hook, a towel being thrown to the floor and a moving clothes hanger all done by and invisible force.

Frank said “It’s never happened to me before in the hotel, never experienced anything like that”.

Apparently before he mentioned what room he was staying in a women messaged him via Facebook to say that she had stayed in room 38 and woke up one morning with scratches on her face.

After recording the video Frank went to the front desk and asked staff to move him to a different room, even though he was in a different room he couldn’t sleep.

Staff told Frank before leaving the hotel that they would not be renting out the room again until it had been blessed.

When asked about the skeptics Frank says he respects the comments but “the proof is in the pudding”

“Everybody’s got their own opinion and I’m open to that and I appreciate it, but I’m not going to disrespect or talk down to anyone just because they don’t believe the video, or don’t believe it’s real,

“That’s why I filmed in the mirror and walked all around (the motel room)”

What do yo think real or faked?


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