Alien skull spotted on Mars

Paranormal investigators known as Paranormal Crucible have said that they have spotted an alien skull on mars while research through NASA’s photos of taken by the Rover.

They say that the artifact resembles an alien skull and it could be the remains of a Sasquatch or some other bizarre Martian creature.

There have been many claims of skulls, bones, remains and creatures spotted on Mars ever since NASA landed the Rover on the red planet and started to send back pictures.

Most can be explained as simply being rocks or boulders, even if some people wont accept it.

However some artifacts seen on Mars do seem to look out of the ordinary and this is one of them in my opinion.

Whether it’s a skull or something esle, maybe it is just a simple rock, but we will probably never find out for sure. However I doubt it’s a skull of a Sasquatch!

What do you make of it?


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