Ghost enters room and drags man out of bed by his legs

A new ‘ghost caught on CCTV’ video has emerged which shows a ghost entering a room where two men are sleeping and then proceeds to drag one of the men out of bed by his legs.

The event is said to have took place on 5th January in India, the exact location is unknown.

In the video you can see that the two men seem to be sleeping soundly when all of a sudden the door opens by itself.

A few seconds later the man is violently dragged out of bed by his legs. At one point only his head and neck are touching the bed.

As the man is dragged out of bed he desperately tries to grab onto something to stop falling on the floor.

The man seems to eventually break free and looks confused as to what just happened.

Is this real or fake?  I’m not sure. If its real then it’s really fascinating, however it could easily be a hoax.

What do you think?


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