Want to do some ghost hunting with celebs tonight?

Tonight is Halloween! The time of year when it is said that the worlds of the living and the dead come together. The time of year when its our best bet to feel, see or conjure up spirits and demons.

If you live in the UK and fancy a bit of ghost spotting tonight, then why not watch these live webcams from TV show Celebrity Haunted Hotel , shown on W channel  (previously know as Watch).

Celebrities are locked in to what is said to be Britain’s most haunted hotel. They will be given tasks and be doing a full paranormal investigation to see if they can capture any paranormal activity and no doubt scare themselves.

They have three live cams you can watch and see if you can spot any, spirits, orbs, mists or anything else that looks out of the ordinary that could be down to paranormal activity.

Cams go live at 8pm GMT

Camera 1 – Room 237

Camera 2 – A Corridor

Camera 3 – Storage Shed


If your watching the show on TV or watching the live cams, please feel free to share your thoughts about the show or the cams in the comments below.

Happy Halloween!



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