Ghost attacks two women at the Old Ropery in Hull

Ghost hunting teams from Hull and Pontefract visited the haunted Old Ropery building in Hull, UK, this weekend. During their investigation two women were scratched and they both believe the ghost that haunts the building done it.

18-year-old Courtney was the first to be scratched when she attended the ghost hunt on Friday night with her boyfriends mum Nicky

Courtney was first scratched on her stomach. She said “”It was a big, red blob on my scar,”

During the investigation she heard a bang and also seen a shadow figure run across a room who she initially thought was the lead investigators but it turned out it wasnt.

“I heard a loud, banging commotion and got smacked. It felt like I got smacked,” she said. “I said to Nicky, ‘My back, my back.’ It really did hurt.”

Scratches on Courtney’s back

When Nicky saw the three scratches on Coutney’s back she started screaming. But despite being hurt and in shock at being scratched she decided to carry on for the rest of the night

“I wanted to run out, but I thought I’d just carry on with the night,” she said.

On Saturday night another woman was scratched while attending an investigation at the Old Ropery building.

Just a few minutes after stepping inside the building 20-year-old Lyndsay felt a burning sensation on the side of her neck

Lindsay said “I did have a slight mark on my neck that looked like rope burn, and then I took my coat off to check if there were any other marks and there were three scratches on my shoulder.”

Scratches on Lindsay’s shoulder

Her marks apparently remained for around two hours before fading away.

Lindsay says she has had paranormal experiences before.

“I am susceptible, so I do see, hear and feel spirits around me. I’ve had the gift all my life, but I’ve only started working on it recently. East Drive Paranormal are a great team.”

Steve Kneeshaw who is the lead investigator and organises the ghost hunts says that the ghost that haunts the building seems to target young women.

Steve has transformed the two upper floors of the building into a seance room with night vision cameras after he visited the building last October when he found out about it being haunted.



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