Ghost hunters record a young girls voice at Conwy Castle in Wales

It’s Halloween, there’s a lot paranormal investigating going on.

These paranormal investigators believe they have recorded a young girls voice from beyond the grave at Conwy Castle in Wales.

They claim they didn’t hear anything during the time they were filming their tour of the castle and only heard it after reviewing their footage.

During the video a strange and mysterious sound appears which they claim is a voice of a young girl whispering “don’t tell them”

The video was shot by Karl Hassall and Sam Singleton of the Dark Arts Paranormal Group.

Karl said “We thought we hadn’t found much, but we have actually captured an unexpected EVP (electric voice phenomenon).

“It was spotted by one of our viewers of what sounds to be a little girl saying ‘don’t tell them’ as soon as we walk into the circular tower section of the castle.

“It’s definitely some kind of spirit.

“It seems pretty intelligent – it’s as if she doesn’t want Sam to know something.

“I never even heard it at first until one of our followers spotted it and told me to re-check the video.

“I was really shocked when I heard it.”

Conwy Castle is reported to be very haunted with visitors often seeing a shadow person watching visitors and a black monk looking down from the castle.

Can you hear the voice?


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