Estate agent sets up camera in the office and captures paranormal activity

Every morning when staff arrived at their shop, a small property estate agents in Kent, UK, they found that cups had been left in odd places and doors had been left open.

Boss Warren Bowman first blamed his staff for forgetting to put away their cups and close doors, but they promised that they had been remembering to do so which made Warren suspect something more sinister might be going on.

Warren set up three motion sensor CCTV cameras in the shop to see if he could find out what was going on,

After reviewing the footage from the early hours of the morning he believes he has captured paranormal activity.

In the footage you see doors opening on the their own and orbs flying around, with one orb flying away from the door.

He sent his footage to his local newspaper Kentonline.

Warren said: When I watched the doors opening I nearly went off running down the street. The kitchen door opens quite slowly but the toilet door bounces open and shut as if it’s been pushed quite hard”.

“There are no windows that open in that part of the shop, so no draught. I’m not looking forward to when the clocks change and we’re here on our own in the dark!”

“I don’t know what the orbs are at all, I’ve looked at the sever times. I think I do believe in ghosts, I’m remaining open minded.

“At the moment it’s just silly things like finding cups on desks. We’ll wait and see what happens . My partner Craig Walker finds it funny.  He said there must be and explanation for it”.

The building is 100 years old and is said to have been the towns first library.

Is this proof the shop is haunted?


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